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April 20, 2010

Many local festivals and special events take place at outdoor venues where potable water is either not available, or inconvenient to access. Typically, this means bottled water is supplied that attendees must purchase.

In the Powell River region, where we are supplied with excellent water coming straight out of community taps, it does not make much sense to pay for it. Plastic is toxic at all stages: production, use, and disposal. Concerns about adverse health effects from plastic bottles, especially from the additive Bisphenol A, are causing people to rethink bottled water. Once the water has been consumed, if not disposed of properly, the plastic bottles live on in the environment, contributing to pollution. Studies have found that plastic can persist in the environment for decades. Due to the high cost and complexity of recycling, only 5 to 7 % of plastic is ever recycled. Plastic production, transportation and recycling itself use a great number of resources. We believe it is becoming clear to all who are concerned about the environment that plastic is best avoided. Fortunately, alternatives exist for much of our current plastic use.

Project Water Wagon proposes to provide the community of Powell River with an attractive, mobile water station that will provide approximately 560 litres of fresh, filtered drinking water. This water will be offered free of cost and on-site at the many outdoor activities and events enjoyed by the Powell River community. The water wagon will consist of a strong, filtered, food-grade stainless-steel water tank mounted on a utility trailer and covered with a custom-built roof structure that will secure the tank and provide shade. We propose the water wagon’s signage will promote First Credit Union and Pebble in the Pond. We believe this is a great way for Pebble in the Pond and First Credit Union to work together to reduce our community’s dependence on plastic water bottles, while continuing to raise community awareness of alternatives to plastic use.

About Pebble in the Pond

Pebble in the Pond has been very active in the community, collaborating with local government, business, schools and individuals in Powell River, Tla’Amin First Nation, Powell River Regional District and Coastal BC.

Pebble in the Pond is a community hub for those who have environmental concerns in the Powell River region. This is evidenced through our annual Earth Day Community Clean-ups. Additionally, we are currently developing a cloth-bag manufacturing venture that will eventually help replace the majority of disposable plastic shopping bags in Powell River.

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