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Updates from the Pond

December 2, 2009

PIPsters on patrol: Earth Day 2009

The last couple of weeks have seen a lot of work at the new office on Walnut Street. We’ve been busy working on our website, researching facts and funds and some events and grants. If nothing else we wanted to update you on our last two posts:

The Aviva Community Fund Program

As a new kind of grant as well as one of the first grant applications we have worked on since moving into our office, this program was a great learning experience for everyone involved. Unfortunately we didn’t make it into the semifinals. Yet in spite of being cut from the voting we made a respectable showing for the short time we were in the running.

Not only did we learn a lot from the process, it was great to see both the support from our supporters as well as interesting dialogue we were getting from the community. I think its safe to say we learned a lot going through the process of applying, promoting and spreading the word for our project almost entirely through social media. I don’t know if any of us thought we’d twit, dig or blog in a coordinated manner like we did.

In the end, we totaled over 350 votes for our idea. Thank you for your support Powell River!

PIP’s Entry Brings Great Response for Festival of Trees

After a great amount of time, sweat and ideas from PIP members and staff, our unconventional entry into PRACL’s Festival of Tress did very well. While not part of the main contest that included more traditional versions of the Christmas tree, our entry did very well. In the end, our Eco-trees, associated decorations and prizes fetched $320.00 from our generous bidder, doing well amidst top bidders from the main category including $700.0o for the Credit Union Tree, and $600.00 for the Marine Traders entry.

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