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PIP receives Job Creation Partnership Funding

November 16, 2009
PIP Headquarters at 6239 Walnut St. Powell River, BC

PIP Headquarters. 6239 Walnut St. Powell River

Pebble in the pond Environmental Society proudly announces they have received funding through the Job Creation Partnership Program to carry out the Cloth Bag Program for Powell River. The Job Creation Partnership is funded in whole or in part through the Canada-BC Labour Market Development Agreement and will bring more than $100,000 into the local economy in wages and other business-related expenditures.

Three project coordinators have been hired: Dawn Holmen, Giovanni Spezzacatena, and Aron Strumecki. Cloth Bag Program Supervisor is Karen Skadsheim, one of the founding members of the society.

The length of the Project is 9 months. The staff will encourage stakeholders within the City and Regional District to supply cloth bags to any and all retailers interested in offering affordable cotton shopping bags to customers.

Participants will increase communication skills by direct meetings, written communication, presentations, marketing, and online communications including social media and blogging. They will expand environmental awareness as well as training in aspects of a ‘green’ economy.  They will develop networking skills, heighten their professional profiles by establishing working relationships with local businesses, and enhance their capacity for office work. These skills are applicable to the local job market and will assist participants in obtaining long-term employment.

Pebble in the Pond has been actively promoting and educating the community of Powell River about waste reduction, particularly the waste from plastic bags and disposable plastic containers which constitute dangers to environment and health.

Board members include Judi Tyabji Wilson, President; CaroleAnn Leishman, Vice President and Communications Chair; Melissa

Call, Special Events Coordinator; Tracey Ellis, Secretary; and Karen Skadsheim, Director.

For more information contact CaroleAnn Leishman at 604 483-6171.

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