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Sunshine Coast Music Festival Volunteers

August 25, 2010

Pebble in the Pond is searching for eager volunteers to help us with waste management at the upcoming Sunshine Coast Music Festival over the weekend of September 4th/ 5th. Help collect recyclable items and garbage for a free weekend of fun, sunshine, and music. Contact our summer intern for more information.


50 Members in 50 Days

August 20, 2010

Today marks the beginning of our latest campaign, 50 Members in 50 days. From now until October 1st its free to renew your membership or sign up today. Find us tonight at the Blackberry Festival Street Party, outside Quality Foods on Mondays from 12:00 to 2:00, and feel free to drop by the office on Marine Ave anytime!  But why join you might ask? Well…
1.  As a member you’ll be constantly up to date on the latest plastic alternatives and our community events.
2.As a member, you’ll be notified about all the local clean-ups, information on solutions for the ocean gyres, and how you can have a positive impact on the environment.
3.  As a member you’ll get first pick on all the new products of Pebble in the Pond, and that includes water bottles, bags and t-shirts.
4. And of course it’s FREE until October 1st!
Join our campaign today and help to make the Earth plastic free!

Pebble in the Pond Bag Launch

July 20, 2010

Any Pebbles interested in a chance to try out our new Pebble in the Pond Bags? Come out this Wednesday at 7pm for a coffee night at our summer office on Marine Ave. right next store to TAWS to check them out.  Here is your chance to grab one of these limited offer bags.  As well, we are looking for your feedback but we are sure you will love them! See you there!

Amelia Pond

Pebble in the Pond’s First Summer Night Market

July 8, 2010

Everyone is welcome to come out tonight to Willingdon Beach for Pebble in the Pond’s first night market! We will be found at one of the many booths running a waste station with recycling and compost! As well check out some of our cool products including t-shirts, shopping bags, and re-usable water bottles. If you forget your re-usable Pebble in the Pond bags don’t panic – by donation we are also offering bags made of newspaper to bring home your goodies in! Hope to see you all there to check out some plastic free products and learn all about plastic alternatives!

Amelia Pond

The BC mountian bikers were Powell River bound but left no waste to be found!

June 30, 2010

Yesterday Powell River welcomed the likes of 500 bikers and their support teams for the annual BC Bike Race. I stood by as the 500 bikers all quickly road off from the start line and deep into our beautiful trails.  Surrounded by a  crowd of people there was little garbage to be found on the ground.Like every event though here and there one could find a plastic bottle or empty bag of chips.  Constantly though a volunteer would be willing to quickly pick it up.For an event of that size I must congratulate the organizers on the coordination of the volunteers, little debris left behind, and before 9 am the next morning there was  not a sign anywhere that over 500 people camping on the beach

Of course we are a society committed to the ending of plastic pollution, and like any major event there was some plastic around. One tip outdoor event organizers should keep in mind is that of large tubs of water,which provide people the alternative to re-fill reusable bottle rather than plastic water bottle. Unfortunately  yesterday they were not clearly marked on whom was allowed to use them. When biker’s tried to refill their water bottles they were unsure if they could.  Some even never ended up refilling their bottles.

Another  helpful hint  I would suggest to  any organizers is to have obvious recycling stations.  From my detective work I could not find away recycling and it seemed all trash even if it was recyclable was  thrown into garbage bins. Of course for a traveling event is it hard to transport excess and large recycling stations may have posed a problem.

The last of my observations and this is applies for  anyone who uses temporary plastic markings in the forest. People use brightly colored plastic strips to mark directions of trails in the forest for hiking, biking, and camping this though poses a great threat to our incredible forests.  Some are collected but many can fall to be spread across the forest floor where animals may confuse them for food. I urge people to use other options than plastic that will sit in the forest polluting.

The BC Bike race though was such an exciting experience for Powell River awakening our quite Willingdon beach and our trails. We welcome you all back next year and are looking forward to far more than 500 bikers next year!

See you next year,

Amelia Gordon

Alternatives to Plastic Beach Toys!

June 29, 2010

Looking for non-plastic alternatives to summer toys like beach balls? While here are a few options that will still hold an exciting appeal.  There is  limited option of summer beach toys to dig in the sand with that do not contain plastic. I suggest though heading to your local hardware store where you can pick up miniature gardening tools that include shovels, rakes and forks an alternative to plastic sand building kits! These can act as castle building tools, can help in digging holes and are fun to mess around in the sand with. I also suggest over sized Lego wooden blocks as sand box toys that can be used for creating towns,sculptures, and treasure hunts in the sand. An activity older kids might enjoy is a scavenger hunt for natural beach rocks and shells. You can then use these, rocks and sticks, to play tick-tack toe with and also  x’s and o’s. For beach balls I would suggest natural rubber volleyballs, and soccer balls as well hacky sack balls which you can order both online or find at your local toy/sports shops. If you are really in desperate need of  inflatable pool toys there are websites online like EverEarth which though have not completely eliminated plastic are a better alternative than most toy store inflatables!  EverEarth has a line of inflatable toys like miniature pools for the beach,  as well as water and indoor toys which are made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane which is biodegradable, phthalate free,  durable but you must remember still contain plastic! This is the EverEarth link and all of their products are easily ordered offline. Also locally within, Powell River,  eco toys  can be found at Ecossentials  featuring all kinds of recycled & alternate plastic items from frisbees to pea shooters made from old skate boards.  Hopefully this  will be  helpful for anyone with young kids looking for plastic free fun at the beach!

Amelia Pond

Summer sun full of plastic-free fun!

June 28, 2010

Dear fellow pebbles,
I would like to begin by introducing myself, Amelia, the new summer Eco-Intern for Pebble in the Pond. I am so pleased to have been given the opportunity to spend my summer battling the extensive use of plastic that pollutes our beautiful Earth all while enjoying the sunshine, the great outdoors, and of course other fellow pebbles! What more could you ask for? A fun office, warm weather and I can aid my favorite cause at the same time!

After a tireless weekend of cleaning and organizing I would like to invite all of you to the new summer office for Pebble in the Pond located right next store to Taws Cycle and Sports Store on Marine Avenue. Come on in check out the new space, and of course meet me! I would love to meet all of you, talk with you about some of our upcoming summer projects, and hear any of your exciting ideas.

First on our agenda is the BC Bike Race in Powell River this Tuesday. We are excited to welcome all of the participants to town and look forward to seeing their sustainable practices and how they manage plastic use! Look forward to a blog filled with photos, facts, and their practices on waste management for the race this Wednesday. Other highlights to look forward to this summer are booths at the markets with smoothies, and newspaper bags to take your goodies home in as well, look for us at all the upcoming festivals like Sea-Fair and Black Berry Fest! And of course a detailed blog of all the adventures I encounter this summer. While I can hardly wait to begin this summer filled with lots of fun but just remember let’s make it plastic-free!

Blog soon,

Amelia Pond

On a side note – On the new Doctor Who series there is a character with the name Amelia and can anyone guess her last name!? Yes it’s Pond and how incredibly fitting – hence I have given myself the summer alter-ego Amelia Pond.